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Suite 101, 10953 73 Ave
Edmonton, AB, T6G 0C3

(780) 278-9493

This company exists to foster leadership in practice among industry, government and community organizations. We believe in evidence based decision making, observing and asking why and that research should come before action. We believe that Knowledge Can Change the World.

Our Story



We work with academic, industry, government and NGO partners to connect the best available knowledge to current challenges.  This includes developing management practices, creating dialogue between academics and practitioners, summarizing reports in clear simple language and developing communications materials to convey complex ideas to diverse audiences



At Fuse, we’ve established a suite of talented writers, artists and scientists that can help you connect with your audience in creative, impactful ways. Our writers have all combined their background in science with a passion for communication and creativity. From infographics to newsletters and more, we truly enjoy the challenge of transforming stale information into an interactive, engaging experience.


Knowledge Synthesis

We help decision makers access the information they need by synthesizing knowledge into formats that are interesting, concise and credible. Whether your goal is summarizing your research and sharing key findings with your partners, or developing new policies and best management practices to guide your operations, Fuse has the expertise and creativity to assist your organization.


Interpretive Signage

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Science Education

We have the experience you need to develop anything from flashy demonstrations to best practices and safety programs. We can help you focus on the key messages you’d like to teach, develop engaging hands-on curriculum. Or if you’ve completed that step we’ll pair your curriculum with a delivery strategy, best practices and instructor training to get your message out. Our message? Science is Life!