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Suite 101, 10953 73 Ave
Edmonton, AB, T6G 0C3

(780) 278-9493

This company exists to foster leadership in practice among industry, government and community organizations. We believe in evidence based decision making, observing and asking why and that research should come before action. We believe that Knowledge Can Change the World.

Tell Your Story

What could we do with your data?

Have you always wanted to find an engaging, relevant way to connect your knowledge to managers, policy makers, or field staff? Now is your chance! 

Whether you are a scientist or a practitioner, let us help get your message to your audience in a creative, engaging way.


Using a combination of key messages and engaging visuals, we'll help get your most important messages to the people who can use them.

This modern tool is great for reaching a broad audience. 

Briefing Notes

We'll help distill your key messages into a targeted, simple writing style and use visuals to support the key messages.

This classic tool is great for reaching busy practitioners, policy makers, and senior decision makers who need crisp, targeted products.

Synthesis Documents

Sometimes one study just isn't enough. We'll help summarize the vast literature and develop a targeted report that helps managers and scientists alike see a clear path towards sustainable land management decisions.

This approach is great for building consensus or informing new practices or policies.