Our Story


In 2007, Matthew Pyper recognized a need to bridge the gap between researchers and decision makers and has been pursuing this passion ever since.  As a graduate student he developed an appreciation for the importance of science in resource management, and began to understand the challenges faced by industrial and government agencies in applying that knowledge. 

He then joined a team of Science Communicators at the Sustainable Forest Management Network and began working with government and industry practitioners across Canada to translate research findings into applications.  As the network closed Matthew took the opportunity to build a knowledge exchange program in the Department of Renewable Resources at the University of Alberta.  There, he continued working with academics to synthesize and communicate research applications in formats that were relevant and accessible to industry and government.

In 2014, Fuse Consulting Ltd. was born as the next stage in this journey.  As Fuse grows our focus is on building a team of talented individuals that are committed to occupying our niche between knowledge producers and knowledge users.  Our promise is to deliver high quality, creative products to our clients.  In doing this, we will help our clients connect knowledge to practice and be true leaders in sustainability. 



Our Mission

We bring knowledge to life and empower leaders to make decisions that matter.







Through creative approaches, innovative problem solving and exceptional delivery, we will positively influence land use management decisions.


Through a relentless commitment to personal and professional growth, we will expand our knowledge and talents and strengthen our impact.


By committing to excellence we will produce products and create experiences of superior quality for our clients.