Problems can become opportunities when the right people come together.
— Robert Redford

Matthew Pyper M.Sc., B.Sc. Hons.


Matthew has a passion for science and communication – a rare combination that allows him to connect ideas and develop effective, high impact solutions for clients.

Working with partners across Canada, he has been involved in the production of over 35 knowledge exchange publications focused on communicating scientific knowledge to on the ground practitioners.  His recent work includes developing guidance related to the use of coarse-woody materials in land restoration in Alberta, work which has been instrumental in creating a science-based dialogue between government regulators and the oil sands industry.

He has been recognized provincially and nationally for his ability to communicate science to diverse audiences and believes strongly in the need to reduce barriers between knowledge producers and knowledge users.

He brings expertise in science communication, knowledge synthesis, policy development, and project management. He obtained his B.Sc. (Hons) in Environmental Biology, his M.Sc. in Forest Biology and Management and has had the privilege of working under the mentorship of numerous systems thinkers.

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Shelagh Pyper B.Sc. 


Shelagh Pyper is an experienced program manager with significant experience in communications, facilitation, partnership development, experiential learning and event planning.  From 2007 – 2012, she was the Director of DiscoverE, a science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) outreach program of the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Engineering. In that time she initiated and implemented new programs and established long-term partnerships with several community agencies and key funders.

Her passion is teaching, and she approaches all communications projects from an educational lens.  This makes her especially effective at considering the existing knowledge of the reader, what will motivate them to learn more, and how to make the information relevant to their experience.  She has completed numerous annual reports, marketing pamphlets, grant applications and posters to adult audiences and spent years developing and delivering hands-on science projects to kids. She is also a skilled facilitator and enjoys problem solving and public speaking.

Shelagh is now a certified trainer of the HIGH FIVE Principles of Healthy Child Development and has directed and instructed summer camps for Family and Community Support Services, 4-H, U of A Ringette Camps, DiscoverE and Explore Français French Nature Camps.

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Sonya Odsen M.SC, B.SC. Hons. 

Junior Associate

Sonya Odsen combines a background in ecology with a love for education and communication. She believes that by improving the accessibility of knowledge and research, we empower our audience to connect with issues and make informed choices.

Over the course of her career, Sonya has gained experience not only conducting research, but also communicating her results to a wide range of audiences. For example, Sonya recently obtained her M.Sc. at the University of Alberta for her work on boreal forest songbirds and variable retention harvest methods. Her graduate work required extensive research into forest harvesting practices, and afforded opportunities to interact with members of the forest industry as well as policy-makers.

From 2012-2015 she taught at the undergraduate level, and in 2015-2016 she served as the Naturalist-in-Residence at an inner-city elementary school. She is currently teaching Ecosystems and Environmental Management at the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Extension. Regardless of her audience, Sonya strives to find the connections between people and knowledge, and bring clarity to the murkiest of subjects.

Kate broadley,, hons.

junior associate

Kate strives to deliver information in ways that are accurate, impactful, and beautiful. This passion comes from her long-standing interests in both science and art which she has fostered over the course of her career.

Kate obtained her B.Sc (Hons) in Evolutionary Biology at the University of British Columbia. Under the supervision of Dr. Charles Krebs, she completed a thesis project on snowshoe hare home ranges in the boreal Yukon. She continued her work on spatial ecology at the University of Alberta, where she recently completed an M.Sc. in Ecology supervised by Dr. Stan Boutin and Dr. Cole Burton. Her graduate experience has given her a broad foundation in ecological science and the ability to collaborate across sub-disciplines.

Alongside her research experience, Kate has worked hard to develop her skills in science communication. She has worked for organizations like the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre and Alberta Parks, and is the recipient of a Graduate Student Teaching Award. With each new communication challenge, she has honed her ability to tailor her message to her audience and keep them engaged. Kate has also employed her skills as a visual artist to create engaging graphics using a combination of drawing, painting, and digital media

Georgina Campos, B.Sc.

Science Communication and Design Assistant

Georgina is a graduate from The King's University, where she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Biology. During her undergrad, she seized every opportunity to apply her artistic background and completed a research project on how scientists can better communicate their research through engaging visuals and clear messages.

Georgina is passionate about art, science and information design. From her experience as a freelance artist and designer, she takes her clients needs into consideration and is driven to find solutions to their communication and design challenges.

Sarah Nason, M.Sc, B.Sc Hons

Junior Associate

Sarah loves both doing and writing about science, and combines these passions with artistic skill to create works that celebrate science and art together. She believes science communication is not only a critical step to ensure that research reaches a broader audience and is applied in meaningful ways, but that it also increases our appreciation of art and science as complementary practices.

Sarah completed her B.Sc in Animal Biology at the University of Alberta and her M.Sc in Biology at the Université du Québec à Montréal. She was also a graduate trainee of the NSERC-funded ReNewZoo grant, which aims to improve research collaborations between academics and zoo/aquarium practitioners.

During her M.Sc, Sarah developed skills in science communication by writing for blogs and newsletters, serving as the content manager for the Québec Centre for Biodiversity Science blog Le Beagle,and helping to coordinate media outreach for the 2018 Montréal March for Science. She is passionate about the role of science in informing policy and management outcomes, and believes that concise, accessible information and open dialogues are essential to this process.

Kaylyn Jackson B.A.


Kaylyn is a graduate of the University of Alberta’s Augustana Campus, where she completed her degree in Environmental Studies with a minor in Political Studies.  Throughout her degree, Kaylyn focused on environmental education and worked on multiple projects aimed at encouraging families, children, and individuals to spend more time outside and connect to their environment.

Kaylyn is a passionate communicator and has worked with the Government of Alberta and multiple non-profit organizations on science communication, education and outreach. Most recently, Kaylyn coordinated environmental education, outreach and engagement activities for a Watershed Planning and Advisory Council in Northern Alberta.  Kaylyn believes that most of the worlds problems can be solved through effective communication and she strives to present information in a way that makes sense and takes into account the audience, their objectives and relevant background information. 

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